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Buy to Let

The buy to let sector of the property market has been bouyant in recent years.

Small and medium size business owners, sole traders etc have increasingly found buy to let having a greater attraction than pensions as Gordon Brown, first as Chancellor and then as Prime Minister continues to decimate the private pensions market with legislation.

The advantages of buy to let are usually found in the long term as the early years involve the pay back or reductions of loans. With the majority of any rental income funding this and other expenses. When the loans are paid or reduced to manageable levels the income streams can become highly lucrative.

The other advantage is the capital gain through the usual increase in house prices this depends on market conditions and the timeing of the purchase and there has been occasion when the market has dropped and negative equity becomes a consideration.

However as pensions are usually taken over 10 to 20 year periods if a similar long term view of the buy to let investment is taken, the loans should by then be paid, and a substantial amount of rental income should have been attained, you should also have more conrool over your investment ie when to sell etc.

However there are pitfalls just as in any investment and it is always recommended the proposed investor takes independent professional advise on such matters with those experienced in the buy to let sector.

Like all investments values can rise and fall and the final responsibility will always be on the investor.

Emsleys Estate Agents

Emsleys Estate Agents

EMSLEYS ESTATE AGENTS: At Emsleys we understand that moving house is one of the most important decisions you might ever have to make.

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