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Businesses for Sale- Business Transfer AgentBusinesses For Sale Online
is an Independent UK Based
Business Transfer Agent


Business Valuations

  • When deciding to sell your commercial assets a business valuation is obviously crucial as you need to ascertain its open market valuation (OMV) before placing the business for sale.

  • However business valuations are often required for other purposes.

  • Businesses Online's combination of business transfer specialists and its association to chartered accountancy expertise is well placed to offer all nature of business valuations, and would include the following:-

  • Wishing to raise a loan or mortgage on the business.
  • Wishing to buy out a partner or shareholder.

  • The death of a partner or shareholder.

  • A valuation will be required by the executors for legal purposes and the valuation will be
    included in the estate of the deceased.

  • Tax planning purposes. A valuation is often
    necessary when considering capital gains tax
    planning and also when a business changes its legal status, the most common one being transferring a sole trader or partnership to a
    limited company.

  • We offer an independent service that will assist you in determining the value of your business.

  • Should you sell your business through us we will deduct the valuation costs from any commissions/fees paid to us from the sale.

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