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Sophie's Legacy

Sophie's Legacy

3 Dec 2008


A Message from Rob Drury.

Earlier this year, I lost my lovely wife, Sophie Drury, to ovarian cancer after she had defied the odds for almost a decade. She was just 34 years old when she died.

Yet despite having Stage III ovarian cancer – by which time it is spreading to tissues outside of the pelvic area such as the bowel – Sophie remained determined to live life to the full.

During the next nine years, she would run, ski, scuba dive and even trek in the Himalayas.

It was only in the final months of her life that Sophie’s quality of life started to diminish considerably. She died in April at the Prospect Hospice in Swindon, having returned just three days earlier from our home in Frankfurt.

I, together with 50 of mine and Sophie’s closest friends and family, are determined to honour her memory. To this end, we have successfully launched Sophie’s Legacy and in March 2009 we will be running the Rome Marathon to hopefully raise an incredible amount of money. For more information & how to get involved Click Here 

We have chosen the two charities closest to Sophie’s heart to benefit from our fundraising – Prospect Hospice and the world famous Macmillan.

For further information go to: Sophie's Legacy  

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