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Charities & Good Causes > Jane Tomlinson
Jane Tomlinson

Jane Tomlinson

A True Champion: The sad announcement on the passing of Jane Tomlinson. MBE. CBE. 1964 – 2007 Jane whilst diagnosed with terminal cancer continued her astonishing charitable endeavours with unbelievable physical efforts and challenges which thus far have raised around £2 million to benefit other cancer sufferers and their families. Jane will forever be an inspiration to cancer sufferers, but perhaps even she would not have realised what strength and hope she gave to the family of cancer victims with her optimistic and positive approach to her life. Many gain plaudits for so little, yet Jane, whilst suffering from the disease began her amazing athletic triumphs with a 10-kilometre race in 2001, she then went on to run several marathons and even more astonishing Iron Man triathlon. Last year she completed a 6,780-kilometer (4,213-mile) bicycle ride from San Francisco to New York City. In 2003 she pedaled the length of Britain and from Rome to her home town of Leeds the following year.

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