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Nationwide Cleaners Franchises for Sale

Nationwide Cleaners Franchises for Sale

This is a white collar, flexible hours, home-based management franchise.

Full money back guarantee!

Nationwide Cleaners franchises have a highly affordable start up fee of £7,999 and it is a highly profitable business utilising methods dating from the 1980s, thus being a proven, reliable business system.

It offers a partnership between the franchisee and the franchisor with a system which allows first time business operators to possess the confidence to start up their own business either p/t or f/t.

Remember, you manage the business and never have to do any cleaning yourself.

You would have an enormous exclusive territory of around 400,000 population to guarantee you the best earnings possible. The top franchisee in south London makes over £100,000 per year. You can speak to him if interested.

It offers job security because as you will have a large number of clients when established, you will not be dangerously exposed to a handful of big clients cancelling or to one employer making you redundant!

1. Work from Home! No more commuting.

2. No staff worries! They are self employed.

3. No invoicing to do! It is much easier.

4. No stock to carry! No loan or debt problems.

5. Clients pay you advance! No cashflow concerns.

6. Simple to run business! For an easier work/life balance.

7. Massive potential earnings! It is up to you to determine your future.

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